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Meet The founder

George Kanchisa was born in Lusaka, Zambia. His family then moved to the United states for business and education opportunities. George has since been in the world of entrepreneurship ever since he was little. Over the years, George has studied many different aspects of business. Originally he studied investment banking, economics, and currency trading, but now he is studying digital companies and startups in Dallas,  In his free time (if he can find any), George enjoys activities like motocross, working out, traveling, and shopping. He is also a huge car enthusiast!

George started his marketing journey by wanting to help out with a family owned car dealership in Dallas, but quickly he realized how useful the skill of marketing is. Fueled by passion for growing business, George has studied with world leading marketers and entrepreneurs to help expand his skill-set. George aims to provide quality services to clients across the nation and one day, across the world.

About our team

Vitreous marketing aims to be the best SEO and Marketing agency out there. We practice and focus our skills so that we are growing each day. Our main focus is to provide customers with growth they deserve through quality marketing techniques.

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