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Having a website is no longer just an option for brands. It’s a must. That’s because with more and more businesses migrating online, a website is an essential communication tool for your brand and an effective tool for converting prospects into customers. If users can’t find your website because you don’t have one, or are disappointed by the lack of information on your site, you’ll probably lose customers to your competitors. Better Bistro Media is a leader in the web design and development space. We know what it takes to build a beautifully and intelligently designed website. We create your website with the look, style, and feel of your brand. You are an original—and we believe your website should be, too.


There are lots of factors that determine how good a website might be. Things like good aesthetics, layout & loading time are just a few of these factors. 

When a team successfully builds a good website, it builds a platform for your business to grow on. SEO depends on good designed websites to work, Conversion rate is highly influenced by good web design. (bad conversion rate = no new customers!). Whenever Vitreous designs a website, we have the customer in mind first before optimizing it for search engines. Some customers might even leave the site if they see an advertisement, a busy/complex layout, or small text. Our team at Vitreous marketing makes sure we go above and beyond in all factors of web design


Our strongpoints in web design are related to our beliefs, we believe that three things are KEY to a great website. Aesthetic design, Conversion rate, & SEO optimization. Here’s why

Conversion rate: When a website has good conversion rate, it sells perfectly to customers. Things that we do to boost conversion rates and sales are, Call to action sections, Sales funnels, Customer analysis, and clear communication.

SEO & Optimization: when you design a website that has lots of content, lots of Off-page and On-page SEO, and generally anything SEO related, you have a website that Search engines like Google and customers appreciate greatly. This helps secure your spot at the top of search engines.

Aesthetic Design: Aesthetic design of a website might be the primary reason some customers simply don’t go to your site. When a customer sees something like bad layout, spelling errors, and advertisements on a site, they may be put off.

When you partner with vitreous, we focus on these 3 primary sections of web design to decrease bounce rate, & keep customers on your site.


Again, there are many different factors of web design that could affect your website, and they are all very important. Here is a list of what Vitreous marketing specializes in building websites:

  • Website analysis 
  • Content creation 
  • Responsive websites for mobile devices
  • Graphic web design
  • Website + SEO friendship
  • Home/Landing page sales analysis
  • Competitor Website analysis


Direct Communication with the team

Without communication, it's impossible to deliver a quality product and service. We have active chat services for each of our clients and we make sure to contact them as often as possible

customized site to fit your brand and needs

Your website can be made in however way you want, Our team will make sure that your website reflects the brand and beauty you want it to show.

Intelligent Strategy

We have a team organize your information and build a web design strategy that best suits your company, reflects your business standards, and include thorough keyword research.

Efficient Website Hosting

We also use fast hosting platforms to make sure it stays as quick as possible. This way your site is easier to index on search engines, and is quicker for customers to browse.

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